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Hinauri Mead

Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Awa

Hinauri is a weaver of garments based on traditional Māori clothing styles and form, specialising in whatu and tāniko.  She has always been creative, at a very young age she had the desire to learn to weave but was too shy to ask anyone to teach her.  Hinauri worked on a number of projects at primary, secondary and tertiary levels dabbling with weaving but nothing created on her own without guidance.  She was later fortunate enough to share a time in her life closely connected to the Hetet whānau in Waiwhetu.  Being around creativity and exposed to weaving clarified her desire to learn to weave even more.  Through several opportunities her journey under the tutelage of Veranoa and guidance from Erenora, her journey as a weaver began.

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