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Toi Matarau is a Māori art gallery located within the Māoriland Hub in Ōtaki Aotearoa. At Toi Matarau the artist is part of a Māori collective encompassing disciplines both traditional and contemporary.  It is a space where the art of tamariki is proudly displayed alongside some of our most venerated Māori artists.

The Māoriland Hub is a whare tapere – a home for the Indigenous, a home for the arts, a house of inspiration and storytelling where economic, social and cultural wellbeing is supported. 

Toi Matarau

at the Māoriland Hub

68 Main Street Ōtaki

Monday – Saturday 
11 am – 4 pm

From Friday December 3 2021, all visitors to the Māoriland Hub must present a valid Vaccine Pass.
See our visitor policy for more information

Te Ringa Mahorahora

October 15 – January 18

Nau mai ki tō tātou Whare Pora, koia nei te ringa māhorahora o Ngāti Raukawa, Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Toarangatira arā ngā ringatoi o Toi Matarau. Nei rā te tuku o Hine te iwaiwa kua whārikihia hei takapau wharanui mō te tangata. Mihia ngā puna waihanga huri noa. 

Toi Matarau presents – skilful weavers, creatives, exponents, proteges, designers, innovators, pattern makers, leaders, exemplars, multi-disciplinaries, writers, storytellers and artists. A culmination of wāhine and tāne who weave whakapapa, tikanga and mātauranga of Te Whare Pora, in traditional and contemporary forms of our millennium.

Open 11 am – 4 pm Monday to Saturday

In January 2021, Māoriland’s inaugural Ngā Aho Whenua Weaver’s Residency began with Sonia Snowden and Pip Devonshire.
The aim is to showcase their weaving skills and to support their desire to collaborate with other weavers of Kāpiti and the confederation.
Innovative examples of raranga can be examined in Te Ringa Māhorahora as an exhibition that connects threads of excellence by the artists in this lineup. Concepts birthed from the challenges of COVID that changed, transformed and opened artists up to unexpected discoveries. ‘Hine te i wai wa’ in the context of today is daring, commanding and creating new narratives changing time, space and reality.
Te Ringa Māhorahora is an exhibition that supports and promotes the inclusion of emerging artists through tikanga tuku iho led by kaumātua, pakeke, tuakana, teina uplifted by the pou of Te Whare Tapere o Māoriland.
Through this process new learning experiences and the diversity of Toi Matarau are enriched.

Gallery hours are Mon-Sat 11-4pm 

For guided group tours please contact kaitiaki toi.
Maakarita Paku
M: 022 3953920
kohai a (1) copy

Kohai Grace

Raranga, raranga taku takapau,
Ka pukea e te wai,
Hei moenga mo aku rei.
Ko Rupe, ko Manumea,
Ka pukea: ē! ē!
Mo aku rei tokorua ka pukea.
Ka pukea au e te wai,
Ka pukea, ē! ē!

Ngā Aho Whenua Residency

Threads of the land, weaving people, places, and ideas together forming a vibrant woven fabric to nurture future generations of weavers.

Ngā Aho Whenua is a 12-month residency with weavers Sonia Snowden (Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Wai, Ngāti Hine, Ngāti Whātua) and Pip Devonshire (Ngāti Raukawa). The aim of this residency is to enable our community to experience high-quality arts through interactions with two renowned exponents of toi Māori as they create new works. 

This kaupapa is an expression of the trust’s commitment towards the first of many steps building succession; capability and capacity in the realm of Te Whare Pora, Whatu and Raranga.  Specially designed to manaaki – provide administrative, curatorial and wrap-around support for the first Artist in Residence programme in the Toi Matarau Gallery, at the Māoriland Hub in Ōtaki.    

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Māoriland Hub

The Māoriland Hub is a home to the Māoriland Film Festival, Māoriland Charitable Trust and Toi Matarau Gallery.

It is a home for the Indigenous, a home for the imagination, a home for ideas and conversations – he whare taketake, he whare tapere, he whare kōrero.

It is open year-round in Ōtaki Village showcasing Indigenous creativity and innovation through film, art, technology, kōrero and more.

A drawcard for visitors to the Kāpiti Coast, the Māoriland Hub is a vibrant space to create, learn and be inspired.

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