Title:  Hinepūkohurangi

Artist:  Awhina Osborne

Iwi:  Ngāti Raukawa

Description:  One of a series of Atua Wāhine (Māori Goddesses) Māori anime style. An ideal gift for children but suitable for people of all ages

Artist Statement:  Hinepūkohurangi is the ancestral goddess of mist, a mist maiden, water bearer and water protector.  She appears young with koru symbolic of personal growth.  This younger version of Hinepūkohurangi is cute and relative to all the little girls out there.  Many iwi have differing stories, all of them eloquent to their own oral literary artforms.  The older version of Hinepūkohurangi is mysterious, working and moving undercover by the many phases of water systems in our ecology.  A shape shifter of the waterways, she is shrouded in the knowledge and power of controlling the distribution of water, through the air, skies, earth, mountain ranges, forests and all things living unseen and seen.








Awhina Osborne

Āwhina Osborne is from Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Tukorehe. She is the first rangatahi artist in residence at the Māoriland Film Festival, Āwhina is an environmental artist specialising in the personification of the natural Māori world. Nurtured by whānau, her love for Papatūānuku (Earth Mother) is her source. ‘I just love to draw!’ Āwhina and her Mum, Aroha Spinks, work with a graphic designer to digitise her artwork for sale. She is mentored by many whānau members who support her in pursuing her passion to draw and become an artist.


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