Title: Kāhu – Huruhuru Earrings

Artist: Erihapeti McPherson

Iwi: Kāi Tahu, Kāti Māmoe, Kotimana

Description: Kāhu feather (harrier hawk or swamp harrier) and moonstone Earrings. To many iwi, the Kāhu was compared to a chief and had a chiefly status. It is an excellent flyer and hunter and inspired many whakataukī and waiata amongst our tūpuna.

At this time of the year, the constellation Matariki has set over the Western Horizon in order to visit her kuia, Papatūānuku. Matariki and her six daughters are spending their time preparing and adorning their kuia for the new year, making her beautiful. Our tūpuna would adorn themselves with many different types of feathers in many ways. Some were worn in the hair, others in the ear. These Kāhu and Moonstone Earrings are a way we can adorn ourselves and each other at this time of entering into the New Year.

Materials: Kāhu feathers (sourced from local iwi/hapū in Golden Bay where Erihapeti lives), moonstone and sterling silver

Dimensions: 7 cm


Erihapeti McPherson

Erihapeti is of Kāi Tahu, Kāti Māmoe and Kotimana descent. She lives in Golden Bay, Te Tai Tapu, and has a strong relationship with the local hapū. She is a prolific artist and works with many different mediums. She lets herself be guided by her dreams and visions, and her creation process. All of her natural resources are collected with the blessing of the local Mohua hapū.


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