Title: Living By The Moon – Te Maramataka a Te Whānau a Apanui

Author: Wiremu Tāwhai

Iwi: Te Whānau ā Apanui

Description: This book was republished in 2020 by Huia Publishers. He pukapuka reo rua. This book is in English and Māori. Set out here is the arrangement of the nights of the Maramataka, the lunar month, according to the ancient knowledge of Te Whānau ā Apanui together with the elders’ understanding of it, and as they saw it in their time and in their region.

As Ngāti Raukawa, at this time of Matariki, our eyes are guided towards the heavens to take a reading for the year ahead. If Matariki appeared bright and clear, it would mean there would be lots of kaimoana, fish,horticultural crops would flourish, it would be a good growing season, and birds would be plentiful as would berries. If it appeared hazy or seemed to be moving about, it indicated a lean year ahead. Our tūpuna would look to the moon, but also to different stars and constellations in order to plan and order the year ahead. These environmental signs of the Matariki constellation in terms of clarity, colour, brightness, and the distance between stars are indicators for the year ahead. These references are woven into our culture, heritage, reo, pūrākau, tikanga and kawa including watching for the signs in the heavens for Te Rauparaha, and later on the births of the Māori King and Queen. Living By The Moon is a great way of filling up one’s kete with a Te Whānau a Apanui specific observations of Hina, and comparing with the tohu (signs) of Matariki. 

Materials: Soft cover, 77 pages




Since 1991, HUIA has made a commitment to produce wonderful and provocative books and resources allowing an insight into the diversity of Māori and Pacific perspectives, young and old alike. We undertake the challenge of exploring the stories and aspirations of our people of Aotearoa; we aim to provide a mirror for Māori to reflect and interpret their experiences and to open a fascinating window for the rest of the world. Under the leadership of Brian Morris and Eboni Waitere, HUIA strives to contribute to the awareness, education and understanding of Māori perspectives. These perspectives are an inspiration to Māori people and of significant value to New Zealand as a nation as it continues to define, create and express itself nationally and on the world stage. HUIA was established by Robyn Rangihuia Bargh and Brian Bargh as an independent publishing company in 1991. Robyn had the compelling vision of a New Zealand that valued stories from the people, places and experiences she had grown up with: Māori and Pākehā, rich and poor, urban and rural, academics, artists and workers, and the many forms of whānau in our communities. More than twenty years later, this vision continues to be articulated by the team at HUIA.

Wiremu Tāwhai


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