Te Pae o Toi Matarau – He Aronga Māori

The Artist – Sian Montgomery Neutze

The Māoriland Hub is a house of Indigeneity, Indigenous voices and narratives.

It is a space where robust views concerning kaupapa, tikanga Māori and all that is Māori in the creative industry are amplified.  Whether on the marae, in a classroom, on a stage, a film set or a freshly painted canvas.  The voice of Tangata Whenua matters.

Toi Matarau is the art gallery of Māoriland Hub and provides a platform for Māori artists including online.


What is Cultural Appropriation? Cultural Appreciation? Where questions are poised and critiqued constructively and articulately.

Toi Matarau is more than an outlet showcasing Māori and Indigenous excellence.  We are a pae, a platform to express what lies within the tapa whā and whare tauawhiawhi, our source, our inspiration.  Designed to nurture whanaungatanga, relationships between tuakana and teina, kaumātua, rangatahi and tamariki mokopuna.

We ask contributors to comment on the increased participation of tauiwi, perpetuating cultural appropriation as exploiters and colonialists of the lazy eye on indigenous exotica, the commodification of culture and identity.  Cultural appropriation has been spiralling out of control against Indigenous peoples around the world with blatant commercialisation openly displayed in public and online.  The abhorrent undermining and increase in theft of identity, culture and socio-economic well-being disenfranchise us from whakapapa, taonga tuku iho and mātauranga Māori. 

In a series of written articles, kaitiaki toi Maakarita Paku extends an invitation to writers of varying walks of life to contribute their experiences and findings on matters that affect te ao Māori, te ao Taketake and te ao Tauiwi.  The intention is to utilise this platform as a stronghold, safe and supportive of writers who wish to take their liberties educating conscientiously and if need be, giving instruction of the realities that exist in our world as ringa toi Māori and tangata whenua.

Our integrity and livelihoods are not for sale.  So, on this platform creatives and artisans alike can talk straight on what matters and issues impacting on their practices as artists.  Discussions examining the very public and rapid mounting evidence, historical and contemporary allows the opportunity to find innovative solutions to the issues.   


Ka mate kāinga tahi, ka ora kāinga rua

From one thought whether positive or negative, an idea grows.  From that growth, new ideas emerge.  Over the next few weeks and months, we will hear the thoughts, perceptions and perspectives of many.  Varying angles and arguments will be discussed and covered in a manner that is of an authentic Māori worldview.  Our first article is presented by Sian Montgomery-Neutze, a freelance visual and tāmoko artist, teacher, academic and mother based in Porirua.  Follow her story here and contemplate the feast she has prepared.  Be provoked and let your mind and spirit be awakened.

‘He toi whakairo, he mana tangata’