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Nā Maakarita Paku – Kaitiaki Toi, Māoriland

Te Whakawhanaketanga a ngā ringatoi ki Toi Matarau

E rapu ara ana i ngā angitū ki tua o Kāpiti, arā ki te motu whānui huri noa.  Kimihia, rangahaua kia pūawaitia ngā hua o te wao arā ngā tōtara haemata o te ao toi Māori. 

Whānau, hapū, iwi have always had visionary goals for the betterment of survival.  They already had established seafaring routes for trading pre-colonisation.  Evidence of this is apparent in many mōteatea and mahi ā tūpuna.  Resourcefulness was a necessity and lends thought to the current times we are living in.  When tūpuna, such as Kupe, set sail searching for new horizons and opportunities, he acted with tenacity and certainty.  Tūpuna left their homelands searching for adventure; however, in reality, some reasons were due to more serious matters such as life and death. 

Such threats like COVID has influenced the way artists think, feel, behave and respond in the present to unfamiliar territory.  Social and economic well-being is now about the survival of Māori artists and manoeuvring into a much more innovative entrepreneurial art practice and separating art as a hobby, seeking out much needed multiple income streams, passive and direct.  While community engagement and experiences are important for the arts to grow, artists must receive all the benefits their works can attain with the prosperity they deserve and work hard for.  

Toi Matarau intends to be part of the history that helps artists adapt to the changes that will ensure the survival of their stories, art practice and pathways that lead to a better quality of life and security for whānau.  In collaboration with the HTK Group, the Māoriland Charitable Trust has launched Business Growth and Start-Up Workshops for those who want to improve their business or start a new business/project from scratch.  For Toi Matarau artists, one-on-one mentoring specific to their individual art practice, by Māori for Māori in a safe environment is a service generously funded by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Business Growth Workshop at Māoriland this month
Business Growth Workshop at Māoriland this month

The HTK Group specialises in working with Māori and Indigenous people to build better futures.  They work alongside whānau, businesses, corporates, start-ups, hapū/iwi, institutions, and not-for-profits, creating tailor-made, innovative and dynamic solutions for businesses.  A start-up opportunity is an excellent place for Māori artists to gain the skills to ensure more self-determination in creating their own realities. This special opportunity doesn’t often present for Māori artists on mutual ground.

Manaakitia rā te mana me te ora o te tangata i āna hīkoinga i te mata o te whenua.

Tauira Āhuahanga II – Raewyn Patterson (Click image for more info)
Hinenuitepō – Awhina Osborne (Click image for more info)