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Wendy Whitehead

Nō Ngāti Porou a Wendy.

At this point in her creative journey, Wendy best describes herself as a multimedia small sculpture/body adornment artist. She is predominantly a jewellery maker working with metals, stones, fibre, wood and more. She is also a tutor, designer and photographer.
Precious NZ indigenous resources such as pounamu, harakeke, pāua and kauri gum are some of her favourite media. Wendy’s most expressive form is pared down symbolism using finely balanced media choices to convey intention with the understanding that great design can slide across media, size and time.
Wendy is inspired by her life, culture, knowledge and interactions. She also has a healthy interest in how things go together. These all form the basis of her creativity. She aspires to create fantastic pieces that honour those that have supported her to achieve.

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