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Hinepūororangi Tahupārae

Hinepūororangi is of Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Tūkorehe descent. She began her journey within the world of whatu, raranga and taonga as a young child. Her admiration and love for taonga Māori came from watching her father in his role as a kaitiaki of kaakahu and taonga within whānau, hapū, iwi collections. Being around these taonga, being allowed to wear them, watching how to care for them brought about a great awareness and normality of taonga in everyday life.
Early exposure has helped Hinepūororangi form a special affinity with muka and creating kaakahu that expresses her admiration and love of this artform.

In her own words:
“My inspiration to create is drawn from respect and admiration for the weavers of old who left us a legacy to follow with the hope that one day I may in some small way contribute to the survival of these taonga”.
“Ko au te taupā kīhai i pūawai āku moemoea”
I am the only impediment to the fruition of my dreams
Nā te pāpā a Rangitihi Tahupārae

Growing up with such beautiful taonga is of important significance to her whānau. Childhood experiences has instilled and nurtured her need to feed her passion exploring materials and processes to create what the hands of her tūpuna once created.
In recent years Hinepūororangi has been drawn back to exploring the versatile yet humble raw forms of kete tātahi and kete kūmara. Forms that can be created from weaving with fresh harakeke that hasn’t been softened or boiled. Woven into sculptural forms, everyday storage vessels and kete kai for that outing to the beach, gathering pipi, toheroa and pātiki.

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